Saturday, June 4, 2011

Playing Catchup

I just don't know how everyone does it all! I feel like I can barely keep up between being a mom, wife, nurse, sewing/monogramming and having a social life (as pitiful as it is). Obviously the blog is suffering, but I am going to try to keep up with it a little better... try being the key word!

Since my last post a lot has happened! The holiday season was wonderful and the new year brought lots of new business in for me. At the end of February, however, my life took a slight detour. To best explain this, let me back my story up a bit.

For my New Year's resolution I had decided to lose weight - as I do every year - :), but this year I was getting serious. I was doing weight watchers and the scaleback Alabama program the hospital was sponsoring. I was walking with my coworkers after work and the weight was actually coming off! This particular weekend, I decided that going to play tennis after work with a coworker sounded like fun as well as being great exercise. We clocked out, threw our clothes on and headed to the courts by our house. We had only been playing about 30 minutes when I tried to go all Steffi Graf on her and pretend I could play as well as I did in high school and college. Needless to say my age showed itself and I fell. Unfortunately this wasn't just any fall. My left foot planted ( I really think it got caught on a crack in the court) and my body weight went forward. I fell forward and I felt my leg snap. I laid there for approximately 20 minutes trying to get up with the help of my friend. Every time I put any weight or even moved it hurt worse than anything I have ever experienced. I finally caved and called 911. It was my first ambulance ride as a patient. :) When I got to the hospital the x-ray confirmed that in fact I had broken my leg, the tibial plateau to be exact, and would need surgery.

(Here is some info if you are curious. Mine looked like the middle picture below and I also had a crack in the top when you looked down on the bone.) I had my surgery the next day where they placed 2 screws to hold the bone together. It hurt every time I moved! I've had knee surgery before as well a c-section, and this hurt far worse than either one of those! I finally got discharged after 4 days.

To make matters more complicated, I could not even go to my home. I had to go home to my parent's house because I live in a 2 story house that rests on top of a hill. Due to the fact that I was going to be unable to bear weight on my leg for at least 8 weeks, my house was out of the question with all the stairs. My awesome parents were kind enough to allow me and my 4 year old to move in their guest bedroom. My husband, however, would be staying at our house. (We have 3 dogs and he had to be there to take care of them.)

So from the beginning of March until the middle of May I was unable to put any weight on my leg. My crutches became a fashion accessory you never saw me without! I was very compliant and only had a minor accident where I slipped and put a tiny bit of weight on my leg. Thankfully no damage was done.

I went to the doctor mid May for my 10 week post operative appointment and he told me my x-ray looked a little funny when compared to the previous 3 or 4. He wasn't sure what to make of it yet, but he was going to let me put 75# of weight on my leg when I walked. HALLELUJAH!!!! This was a great sign and a welcomed change, even if I was scared to death! It meant he thought the healing was going pretty well. In my mind I was going to be going back home soon and back to work within 4 to 6 weeks. I started going to physical therapy 3 times a week and was working hard on building my muscles back. Everything was going great as far as I knew.

I went to the doctor for my 12 week post op appointment on the 1st of June and in my mind it was going to be a breeze and nothing but good news. I expected to have a x-ray that looked perfect, be told I could put all my weight on my leg and go back home. Boy was I wrong! My x-ray once again looked funny and it was worrying my doctor. It looked like I had resorption of the bone away from the screws and was rejecting the screws in my leg. I had to go for a CT to get more answers. If the CT confirmed this or is even equivocal and can't say one way or the other, then I have to have more surgery! The screws will have to come out and I'll need a bone graft. I could have cried right then in his office! I had done everything I'm supposed to as far as not putting any weight on it until I was told and then working hard at PT trying to build up strength. This stinks big time. The reason this news is such a big deal is it means the bone is weak and I am prone to breaking it again. If I broke it again it would mean the 3 months of not putting any weight on my leg would start all over!

I had my CT Friday and go for my follow up appointment on Tuesday where he will discuss what he sees and what the next step is. I'm praying it looks good and I don't need any more surgery. However, I would rather be safe than sorry, so if he is still concerned, then more surgery here I come. The hardest part is waiting. I wish I knew right after I had the CT what the results were and what the plan was. I am a nurse and it is so hard being the patient and not the caregiver! It also doesn't help that I tend to be impatient and what things yesterday! :)

This has been the longest and hardest 3 months I have had in a long time! Sewing and monogramming has been my only saving grace. Not only has it kept me busy and kept me from dwelling on my situation, it has been a source of income. Although it isn't what my paycheck is from nursing, every little bit helps. I am so thankful for my friends and great customers. Without you and your orders, I surely would be in trouble, both financially and mentally! :) Please keep the orders coming!

I'll keep everyone updated and try to do a better job updating the blog. If I need more surgery, I suspect I'll be out of commission for 3 to 4 days and then I'll get back to sewing. Please let me know if you need anything or would like to place an order. Remember I ship and offer free local pickup. Facebook is where I post most of my work and design choices. Be sure to check that out and I would love some feedback!

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